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To book your massage, call us at: 925-838-3188 or email us at:

Or, to book online, first, go to log in and sign up.
                Once logged in, click on the "Hello" message.                  

My "Chill" Massage

Relaxation Essentials Package

Deep Tissue Renewal & Rejuvenation


Deep Tissue

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Thai Yoga Massage

Massage-in-Motion Package

Total Relaxation Package

Back-to-Basics Massage

Swedish + Trigger Points

Heavenly Head, Neck & Shoulders

Foot Reflexology

Therapeutic Bodywork

Therapeutic bodywork is a form of touch therapy that goes beyond massage for relaxation.

It also includes techniques to help mitigate body stress, pain, and tension. It fosters a profound feeling of tranquility and overall well-being. 

We offer 30-minute sessions for $70, 60-minute sessions for $125, 90-minute sessions

for $175 and 120-minute sessions for $250. 

Please note: Our prices will be increasing in August 2024.

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