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                                        What Clients Say

Monica has a wonderful healing touch and energy. Her massage work is deeply therapeutic and really provided a sense of well-being; she is here to take care of you and your body. She is grounded and present; you feel as if you are in good hands! Her technique combines the firmness and depth you would expect from deep tissue work. You experience a gentle and integrated feeling that is deeply relaxing for the body and soul. Monica’s work left me feeling refreshed, whole, and happy to be alive!! – Nesrine

From my very first session, Monica put me at ease with her calm energy and listened to my needs before we even started. Monica has that rare combination of skillful technique and super fine intuition. I often find myself saying, “How did you know?” She seems to intuit exactly where to go, how much pressure to use, and for how long. After just a few sessions, I’m more grounded, and my tension and stress are melting away. I highly recommend regular sessions with Monica at Nature’s Whisper Healing Arts for your ongoing self-care. – Leslie

Monica is a truly gifted healer, and I so look forward to her massages. The tight and achy parts of my body start to relax as soon as she starts working on them. Shoulders rest downward, muscles relax, breath flows! As she continues, my aches and pains noticeably lessen (and some have been around for a long time). Her touch is nurturing and healing, and she spends extra time on my problem area/s. She has such positive energy, as well as a sincere and caring presence. I’m ready to tackle life’s challenges with renewed energy, a more positive outlook, and a wonderfully relaxed body. – Sylvia

I have lived in the Bay Area for over 35 years, and I have visited a lot of spas and massage therapists. Monica is one of the most talented I have had the pleasure of experiencing – her Swedish massage is deeply meditative, and so relaxing. I could really feel it undoing years of stress. Her Thai massage feels particularly wonderful on my joints – knees and hips in particular. I have an old injury on my left shoulder, and Monica's caring touch felt very safe without neglecting any of my muscles or joints. I feel very lucky to have found her, and I think she is a great economic value as well!" Katherine

I believe it was early August that I received a postcard advertising a new massage /spa service in San Ramon.  Coincidentally, I had just finished up three acupuncture sessions and was in the middle of going to chiropractic session to alleviate pain in my neck, which had been going on since February, cause unknown. The acupuncture and chiropractic work showed some relief, although I started working with Monica and the extra element of massage seemed to fit in nicely with the other treatments I had been receiving and enhanced them.   

One can only take so much of alternative treatments that require some pain to eventually experience some relief.  The massages by Monica have toned down the pain from the other treatments and soothed my aches.  I now try to make getting a massage an ongoing course of action to the point that I no longer need the other treatments. – Gary

Monica is an amazing Massage Therapist through & through! I first met her at the local farmers market in San Ramon where she had a booth set up to offer massage services. She was very inviting & knowledgeable about her craft educating me on the different types of massage at her practice. I booked a Thai Yoga Massage which was the best thing I could have done.  The experience was unlike any I've had before! She truly cares about her clients & her technique shows that. –Tyler   

Monica has the hands of an angel. I needed a major de-stress and Monica's Swedish massage was the perfect solution. She used every bit of the 90 minutes to work out the tension in my back, shoulders, and legs, using both firm pressure and an absolute soothing pace.  She is the real deal.   – Dan

My husband surprised me with a private massage for my birthday. Monica came to me :) She was very professional, and my massage was amazing. She even stayed to give my husband a massage. We will be using her again in the future, and I highly recommend her!!!!  – Diane

Very accommodating, very kind, and great at her craft. – John

I have had countless massages in my life, but the one I had at Nature’s Whisper Healing Arts was an experience of the heart. As an avid student of quantum mechanics, I studied quantum entanglement. In human interactions, this theory teaches that entanglement can explain the healing flow between my massage therapist and me during my session. The soft, gentle massage was an emotional experience that can truly be called a “heart to heart”.– Bob

My 90-minute massage with Monica was a healing experience that transcended time and took me immediately to a place where my body and soul relaxed. I right away went into a soothing and deep place, taking in the restoring and renewing that I needed. The atmosphere and energy of Nature's Whisper Healing Arts was conducive to the massage work. The amenities and comfort offered to me upon arrival helped me feel at ease and leave the outside world behind so that I could truly be there for the receive what I desired and feel whole. Self-care is definitely what I experienced as I easily relaxed into the healing process of the amazing massage. Nature's Whisper is definitely a help to me on my healing and rejuvenation path. – Rebecca B. 

A massage from Monica is amazing; she has a very soft touch. I have never felt so good after receiving a massage. I highly recommend that you go see her. Don't be afraid to take your first step toward feeling great. You will not regret it. – Oscar

I didn't know what to expect from a 30-minute massage in the middle of a crowded expo, but this was one of the best massages I've had in any situation. Monica has a very steady, positive energy and used some techniques that left me feeling relaxed and cared for – physically and spiritually.  I will definitely seek her out again.  – Attendee at the San Mateo New Living Expo 2022

Monica is a consummate professional. She listened to my health issues and addressed them skillfully and artfully, better than I could have hoped.  I would recommend her to anyone serious about their health care.  – Wayne

Monica is amazing. She takes the time to best match her menu of treatments to her clients. I was a hot mess when I walked in the door and felt absolutely relaxed both physically and mentally when I walked out. She draws from a deep well of education and soothing technique to exceed the client’s expectations. Monica is a compassionate professional with the hands of an angel. – Daniel

Monica is a professional and has created an oasis in Danville. Her studio is warm, welcoming, and soothing. She uses a heated massage table, has soft beautiful music playing, and creates the perfect “getaway” from the outside world. She uses classic techniques, and you leave feeling like a new person. I highly recommend Nature's Whisper Healing Arts. – Jim

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I was in desperate need of some self-care. Things were really stressful, and I just needed a break. I was so lucky because I called Monica and she was able to get me in that same night. It was an incredible experience and was so much more than just a massage. The massage itself was amazing. Monica has a wonderful sense of exactly what you need. Her pressure was perfect and she really listened to what I wanted. She also left space for me to release all of my stress. Her energy and breathing was so calm that it was infectious.  She took her time letting me relax before and after my treatment. She even sat with me and had tea afterwards. I really cannot say enough about my experience and if you are stressed and overwhelmed then this is something that you need to do for yourself. – Rebecca W.


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