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Specialized therapies to support self-care and life balance


                What I believe...

At Nature’s Whisper, I believe our body has its own natural way of letting us know when it’s time to bring some self-care into our lives. How our body communicates its need to be cared for is unique to each of us. This is where Nature’s Whisper’s techniques shine.


Customized to support you on your self-care journey, my massage will help you experience rest and relaxation as truly transformative.


Come to Nature's Whisper for the support you need to return to being you, renewed and ready to handle whatever “now” brings you.  

                About me...

Hello, friends. Welcome to Nature’s Whisper Healing Arts. 
I’ve been in the business of empowering and guiding people to discover their life’s passion so that they 
can live the life that will bring purpose and joy. As a life coach, I walked my own talk and have pursued what I love to do and am good at. That pursuit has led me to open a massage therapy business with my unique brand of touch therapy.

I have always had an interest in holistic health, which inspired me to seek formal education. I have acquired more than 70 credits in Traditional Chinese Medicine and completed training in herbs and formulas and other focus areas. Specifically, I have more than 500 hours in massage therapy training. I have completed my Reiki Master training, and I am trained in mindfulness-focused stress reduction. I am a subject matter expert in stress management.
As a result of all this training, and considerable practice in the care of my self, I see myself as a holistic health practitioner with a focus

on supporting clients with body-mind connection and balance.

My goal is to support you caring for you. I meet you where you are and together we look at what your individual self-care needs are, whether that means me working with you or referring you to another trusted practitioner – or a combination of both. I promote self-care because I know it makes a difference. Contrary to what some might think, self-care is a self-less act and essential for your overall wellness.

One of my passions is life-long learning, and I continue to embrace education in my personal and professional life. Most recently, I completed training in Lymphatic Drainage Massage and now offer this service at Nature's Whisper Healing Arts.


If you've been to the NaturesWhisper website, you may have noticed my blog, where I share tips that work for me in my own self-care practice.

If you'd like to learn more about my personal self-care practice, be

sure to give the articles on my blog a look.

You will also that notice that I offer monthly promotions to enhance your massage experience at Nature's Whisper Healing Arts. Please consider signing up to receive my blog and updates. 

I am available for personal consultations, so do feel free to reach out to me at:


My clients come to me to experience relaxation and / or relief from short- and long-term physical stress. Whether you are on your own self-care journey, seeking relaxation or stress relief, in need of a simple pick-me-up through massage, or have been referred to me by someone, I am here to support you.


Thank you for visiting!


I look forward to serving you.


Monica Nolasco, Ed.D., LMT, CMT

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