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A Message to My Massage Therapist Colleagues

Welcome to the wonderful world of the healing arts! This page is for you. Here, I am sharing with you what I have learned in the first year of my business launch. My intention is that you will take from my experience what will be useful to you in your practice – whether you are just beginning to build your business or have been in it for a while.

On this page I have made available to you (for a small donation) some resources I've created that may help your clients get the most out of their sessions.

When you click on any PDF on this page, you will be taken to the payment page. Payments are on the honor system. That is, use the resources here for your own purposes rather than sending the PDFs to others. If you have a student (or students) you would like to be able to use these resources, please refer them to this page on my website so that they can purchase their copy here.



Client Interview Form for Pre-Existing Conditions:

(Cost $11.00)




New Massage Therapist Start Up Tasks:

(Cost: $22.00)


Coaching and Consultation Services

Starting a new massage therapy business has its challenges – especially when you are doing it alone. I am here to help! Please contact me if you would like to know more about what types of services I can provide.

For up-and-coming massage therapists...

...I offer a free consultation of 30 minutes to help you decide what consulting services you need or want from me:

  • Brand Name Definition

  • Web Design Consulting

  • New Business Consulting


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